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Welcome to the video page!
Thanks for checking out these videos. 
If you watch/practice with a video please consider paying for the class or making a donation.
If you pay/donate for a class--watch it as much as you want! Over and over. (Hooray!)
Please consider donating for each (different) class you watch.
It's totally cool if you want to pay after the class.
You might not like it, nor finish watching it. I get it!
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VIDEO ONE: Yoga Salve for the Coronavirus Pandemic
This is a 45 minute long yoga practice to get you out of your head and into your body. 
Begin slowly with a focus on forward folds and slowly move into lunges, balancing twists, hip and shoulder openers. A blanket or towel would be helpful for low lunges. The video cuts off during savasana-sorry about that--so stay in the pose as long as you can! Special guest appearance by Baron the dog! Please support a small business person and donate below!  OR visit 
HERE to pay for a Digital Class. THANK YOU!
First ZOOM Community Live class 3/18
YOGA can be a constant during a time of uncertainty
This class has a little bif of everything to help you feel grounded and centered as well as open: shoulder and chest openers, forward folds, twists, hip openers, optional core at the end. ENJOY!
* Start on your back with knees bent, feet touching the floor (I forgot to hit the "record button" at the very start (remembered soon after).  A bit echoey in the space!
PLEASE Donate via buttons above or pay for this DIGITAL/COMMUNITY class on the "schedule page". Thank you!
30 Minutes on your mat
This is NOT a non-stop flow even though I say it is! (upside down face emoji). It IS a strong practice to build strength and some heat. There are some holds and opportunities to synch breath and movement. Please consider buying this as  DIGITAL class here on the schedule page and watch it over and over! THANKS
Soulful-Easeful Practice
These videos are for my Soulful Sunday morning warriors or anyone looking for a slow, mindful, easeful practice. This practice focuses on the breath, on creating and cultivating a breath that supports us in our poses, in our practice, and hence,  in our life. A blanket or towel is needed for a chest opener. Expect neck stretches, seated twists, hip openers, etc. No chaturangas! But take them if you want them! Be well! ENJOY. Class broken up into two videos. Second video= seated poses and savasana. (First video is 46:43 long and second video is 19:12). Let me know if you like it!
HAPPY HOUR: Recorded from a live Zoom class on 3/20
A 75 min class--lots of options for modifications--but expect a strong class--again, ways to slow it down. Focus is on moving the spine in extension/flexion, sidebends and twists. Balance and one-legged folds are a big part of this class. Thanks to everyone who showed up for this class via ZOOM. Much LOVE!
Anne Farmer Community Class Recording 3/25/20
This practice reminds us to look for the small things in our practice that bring us joy. Maybe this means taking a modification or shifting your alignment in some small way. Can this mean finding joy in the breath, the pause, the stillness, the movement? We practice this on the mat, so we can look for small things that bring us joy off the mat: first sip of coffee, sounds in nature, songs, a funny image, a smile, etc. You may want a blanket or towel to pad your knee for low lunges. Practice includes: a focus on rooting down into your feet to ease anxiety and feel calm, low-lunges, warrior 1s and 2s, inner hip work, crescent poses, small chest openers....ENJOY. Please consider making a donation for this class.

HAPPY HOUR (Recording of Live Zoom class) 3/27

Action without attachment. This is all about the effort. There is nothing you have to achieve in your practice other then just being in your body, your breath, these shapes. A pretty strong class with many standing poses (helloooooo hips!). All leading up to Ardha Chandrasana (Half Moon) which we don't even hold very long! Many options to slow down or to rev it up (think more vinyasas, chaturangas). You can always challenge yourself by closing your eyes in the standing poses. A major miscue for sequencing occurs about 37 minutes in, but we correct it! Clearly my dog is not impressed with any of it! Much love. I hope you enjoy.

Anne Farmer Community Class 4/01/20 60minutes
TWISTS! This is harder then I mean it to be, BUT worth it!? You decide. You can take easier twist options. In turbulent times it is good to focus on grounding and stabilizing. Twists help us remember this...and of course, the sweet relief when we come out of a twist is nice, too. Expect some oblique work options, standing hip-openers, and lunges (high and low). We focus on the expansive inhale and the grounding exhale. 

"Happy Hour" Friday 04/03/20. 60minutes. Recording of a live class.

When we are uncomfortable, it is hard to stay in our bodies. This class focuses on that. How to "stay" in the challenging poses and in the pauses. It is a physically active practice with ways to slow it down or rev it up. Low lunges, high lunges, standing balances, hip openers, core. Expect some little push-ups (but they can be teeny tiny (or don't do them at all--it's your practice!). We move our spine in lots of directions, front to back, side to side, and rotational twists during different poses. Use your savsana for deep rest and as a launching pad for the rest of your day or night.

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