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I had the honor and opportunity to teach yoga, as well as spend time hiking and gathering for meals with some visitors (now friends!) from the DC area over a long weekend. Many of these yogis had come to Canaan Valley to catch their breath, be in this beautiful landscape and to unplug. I had been thinking about what it means to unplug for a while now, mainly noticing my habits around my own phone usage. Noticing why I check my phone (for that hit of dopamine when someone texts me or likes a post!) and how I feel after I look at social media (are we aware of the social comparison opportunities??).

The reality is that for me, my phone is the most convenient way to communicate with others. I run my business through my phone. I get my news from my phone, listen to my music, etc. But besides bringing awareness to my habits and leaving my phone purposefully behind, I began to realize it is not so much about unplugging (though good), but about plugging IN to what matters most more. It is about plugging in to whatever aligns with your heart (your values, etc) and making space for those things. It is about plugging IN to people who matter most to you. Plugging IN to listening to our stories.

Plugging IN to nature.

Plugging IN to doing what you love to do. You get my drift.

What can you plug into?

As the weather turns and we move into a more dormant time of year,

perhaps this is prime time to we can indeed plug in.

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