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Updated: May 27, 2019

"There are many paths to enlightenment. Make sure you take the one with a heart"-Lao Tzu

Thomas Trails

Happy New Year my yogi friends! Perhaps you have set intentions for the new year. It is always a good time and great opportunity to examine and explore where you are in life and recommit to your values on how you want to live your life. (This is a continual practice for me.) Perhaps you want to create space for new experiences or work on that one (or ten) habits that don't necessarily serve you in positive ways (me, again!).

The above picture is one of my favorite trails in Thomas. I run or walk there often, a pine grove with soft needles bedding the floor and lively ferns aligning the path. I have been thinking a lot about paths lately, especially this one I have chosen to walk and how often I fall off...this sometimes singular, but meandering, complicated path. Self-awareness can be pa-pa-pa-painful. What has been helping me stay on my journey or recommitting to it is remembering it, (it is so easy to lack mindfulness when it comes to mindfulness :0), but also reminding myself of what is really important to me (kindness, forgiveness, love, compassion) and then trying to live by these things (hence, the falling off so much, think life stressors). It helps me to remember the people I care about and why. If you are reading this, then our paths have crossed. I am so grateful for this. This year especially, I recognized the power of community and our shared experiences. Let us keep reminding each other that no matter what we face, we are not alone.

Like I end each class...I am grateful for you, this space we hold when we come together, this place...and this practice.

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