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Yes, that's my leg! And look at those socks! (Socks courtesy of Shannon McCann/photo courtesy of Sarah Hunt.) We almost always end our practice with the word "Namaste". In Sanskrit namaste means "bow to you" or "bowing to you". Going a bit deeper, it can mean I see and honor you, the love and the light in you (the divine in you). It is a word and a gesture of respect, perhaps deep and reverential. Ending each class with "Namaste" is a great opportunity to pause and remind ourselves to look for the good--the light--in others. In our political climate right now this seems extremely hard. So let's not start there. Start by noticing and recognizing the good in those you love (easier). Once you practice this, it becomes a little bit easier to look for the good in those you don't much. This would be incredibly hard if someone has caused you deep suffering or trauma. So again, start with people you feel safe with and good around. Rick Hanson (a psychologist and author I like) suggests that this simple and powerful practice might actually make us feel happier and healthier. He recommends slowing down so we can actually see and notice the good in other people. I love that. Also, he reminds us that the good stuff you are noticing in other people, well, it's because you have it, too! After yoga class, we typically feel better. So, this is a great practice to take right off of ours mat and into our world. Let me know how it goes. NAMASTE

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