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Keep on dusting...

Updated: May 27, 2019

Oh, this made me laugh when I saw it. It just happened to be soon after I cleaned my house. Often times we think, what's the point? The brevity of the moment may not seem worth the effort or on the flip side--that brief moment felt so good we then chase it, crave it, and suffer when we don't have it. (I am clearly not talking about dusting anymore.) As much as yoga encourages us to notice our patterns in our physical bodies (patterns of stress, tightness, tenderness, openness), it also encourages us to notice the patterns of our thoughts. Where does our mind go when we hold a challenging pose? Where does our mind go when we hold a passive pose? What is it we chase and crave? And does this chase impact our ability to be happy?

How we approach our yoga practice often correlates with how we approach many things in our life. How we act and think off our yoga mats is pretty much wow we act and think on our yoga mats. (If we are hard on ourselves off the mat, chances are we are hard on ourselves on the mat.) We can use this practice to bring awareness to this. More often then not, uncomfortable feelings crop up in a practice: fear, self-judgement, frustration, anxiousness. Can we look for patterns during these reactive times, as well? Whether we choose a strong, physical practice which requires discipline or a more introspective class like YIN, we can use our time on our yoga mats as an opportunity to learn more about ourselves and perhaps bring awareness to our patterns (habits of mind and body).

So dust off those mats...and keep dusting them off again and again.

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