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Wednesday Night Community Classes

This is how it all got started...Anne Farmer started providing yoga classes to her friends and neighbors in Thomas as a way to give back to the community. What started out with a dedicated group of  4 people (Sarah, Becky, Shannon, Charlie) turned into a weekly class of lots of people(!) This class is now affectionately known as our Community Class. This class has been possible over the years thanks to many organizations. A grant from the Tucker County Foundation  allowed Anne to purchase yoga mats, straps and blocks to get started and the Thomas Education Center, Blackwater Falls State Park, and Vandalia Heritage Foundation (thank you Heidi Haldeen) have all been instrumental in giving this class a home since 2010.

COMMUNITY YOGA Wednesdays 6pm.
Blackwater Falls State Park Pendleton Point. Weather permitting!

*Class starts May 18th. (NO CLASS JUNE 1st)

Directions:When you enter the park, you have three options, left/straight/right. You can turn right towards Pendleton lake/nature Center/campgrounds. You will get to a fork in the road. If you veer right, this takes you to the nature center/lake. You will veer LEFT, head up the hill and the parking lot is on the right and the field is out beyond the parking lot past the trees. OR you can stay straight (pass the Falls parking lot on the left and past the cabins) and then park in this same parking lot on your left.

1. Please bring your own mats (and props if you have them).

2. You do NOT have to sign-up online anymore. There is no online options for signing up or paying. Please bring cash, check or you can pay by venmo/paypal upon arrival. Suggested price is $10-15.00


3. This sounds obvious but please do not come to class if you are sick or if anyone in your house is sick, etc.

4. Please space mats out.

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