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Anne Farmer creates positive, approachable, friendly classes. Whether the class is a fast-flow style class or a Yin yoga class with a focus on coming into stillness, the emphasis is on connecting to ourselves and our breath. Each class recognizes and celebrates the impact yoga (asana) has on our physical well-being, but also, on our mental and emotional well-being, too.  Whether the class is themed from yogic philosophy, a relevant quote, on a certain body part, or your own personal intention,  Mountain Yoga classes have those three elements in mind: body, mind, heart. 


With a Master's degree in counseling and over 20 years of experience as a counselor, Anne Farmer has been drawn to the practice of positive change and making a positive impact. Her intention is for all of her yoga students to leave classes feeling uplifted and to take this renewed sense of joy, freedom, and ease into their lives. She strives to teach with passion, clarity, and creativity. Her teaching style is a blend of inspiration, humor, and hard work.

Anne began her yogic journey in 2010 and graduated from The Charlottesville Yoga School in January 2011 under the amazing instruction of Jennifer Elliott, Kate Hallahan- Zuckerman, and Jen Fleisher. She has had the opportunity to take workshops and learn from a variety of teachers since then which have all been influential on her teaching: Joe Barnett, Siegfried Bleher, Marla Cantor, Kathryn Budig, Dice-Ida Klein, Kofi Busia, Maty Ezraty and others. She continues to try to learn, grow and evolve as a person, as a student of yoga, and as a yoga teacher.

To reach Anne, please feel free to email her 

Outside Community Yoga 2024
Starting May 29th
6-7PM Blackwater Falls State Park
Cost: $10-15.00
Weather Pending


"I look forward to yoga with Anne because she is a professional.  Her classes flow well and I trust her deep knowledge of yoga and the human body to adjust my movements and improve my form".

Dr. Mary Gainer

" The thing I like best about Anne's classes is they allow me to stop and just focus on something other than what normally occupies my mind and body in the midst of a busy week. Instead of being a mom or teacher or wife I get to try and stand like a tree, be as strong as a mountain or as humble as a warrior. I often leave her classes with a sense of renewal and vigor. Anne cultivates a very supportive and non- judgmental atmosphere that allows us all to flourish in the practice".

Sarah Cyr

"I love Mountain Yoga because of its uplifting flow, its strong challenge, and its message of clarity and connection, delivered with love and laughter.  Anne moves our bodies and then helps move us out of our bodies to a place of greater understanding... and that stays with me long after class is over!"

Sarah Hunt

Anne Farmer

Mountain Yoga

PO BOX 372 Thomas WV 26292



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